Business Programme

II International Legal Forum “Tashkent Law Spring”

"LAW 4.0"

PLENARY SESSION                  April 23, 2020  

DISCUSSION SESSIONS              April 23-24, 2020

1  Legal solutions to economic issues: property rights, digital assets.

2  Intellectual property in the digital era.

PPP as a tool for infrastructure development: finding a balance between legislation and investors ' interests.

Legislative regulation of agriculture: implementation of international standards in Uzbekistan.

Corporate governance today: current trends and challenges.

Lawyer 4.0: the present and future of legal education and profession in the era of globalization and informatization.

Advocacy and consulting: problems and vectors of development.

Legal Tech: the future of law and lawyers in waves of innovations.

Legal science and legal research: current problems and prospects for development.

10  Normative regulation of the digital environment: how to find the "Golden mean".

11 Public administration in the digital era.

12  Corruption and law: systematic countermeasures.

13  Electronic justice. Problems of transition to the digital era.

14 Antitrust regulation of the global economy: challenges for regional associations.

15  Legal regulation of the securities market in the context of digitalization.

16  Tax planning and tax evasion: current trends in legal regulation.

17  Alternative dispute resolution methods: mediation, adjudication and conciliation.

18  The present and future of arbitration institutions: dispute resolution or justice.

19  The reform of mechanisms for dispute resolution between investor and state: problems and their solutions.

20  Reform of  civil legislation in Uzbekistan: lessons from English and Continental law.

21  Right to disseminate information: Fake News and Fake Evidence.

22  Civil society opportunities in today's multipolar digital world.

 The following events are also planned:

1."Master class" from the representatives of world famous lawfirms for lawyers of Uzbekistan.

2. Public Talk - an interview with a celebrity in front of the public.