A trip from a modern legal forum to a great history

A trip from a modern legal forum to a great history

31.01.2020, 14:56

What does “Tashkent Law Spring” promise this year?

No doubt, the future starts from the past. In this regards, II International Legal Forum pays special attention to connecting history with a modern world. So, what does the “Tashkent Law Spring” II International Legal Forum has for us this year?

This time the Forum promises for participants an unforgettable trip and culmination moments of discussions among world-famous lawyers, national and foreign experts, policy recommendations based on a huge experience.

                    Additional information on the cultural program can be found

                                   at https://www.tashkentlawspring.uz

It is worth noting that well-known ‘Harper's Bazaar’ source ranked Uzbekistan in the first place as a leading tourist country in the world for 2020.Indeed, our country has great potential for tourism. The American source also highlights the historical landscapes of the ancient Silk Road in Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Fergana cities.

It is noteworthy that all of the historical and cultural monuments at the Forum’s cultural program are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition to the list, the organizers of “Tashkent Law Spring” is arranging an unexpected trip to Tashkent and Nukus cities at the end of the forum. It also includes Khiva-Nukus routs, which is an open-air city-museum memorial to visit famous sightseeing such as the Ichan Kala, the "Cemetery of the Ships", which combines the Aral Sea tragedy in Munak and the Savitsky Museum is known as the "Louvre in the desert" in Nukus.

Taking into account that the law spring comes with the tourist season in Uzbekistan, participants may choose a particular direction of their interest in the cultural program.