Do you have any suggestions related to the “Tashkent Law Spring”?

Do you have any suggestions related to the “Tashkent Law Spring”?

17.02.2020, 10:41

The draft Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the State Program for the Implementation of Actions for 2020 “The Year of the Development of Science, Education and the Digital Economy” was posted on February 11 on the portal of the Development Strategy center, as well as on the government portal .

The second priority of the program in the framework of the “Ensuring the rule of the law and further reforming of the judicial system” direction was the international legal forum “Tashkent Law Spring. In particular, paragraph 67 of this direction provides for the holding of an international forum “Tashkent Law Spring” and discussion of issues of systematization and codification of legislation, creating the most favorable conditions for the activities of the media and demonstrating reforms aimed at increasing the transparency of state bodies.

Note: on February 17, 2020, site received more than 1000 suggestions and comments.

531 opinions were expressed in the 1st direction, 227 in the 2nd, 319 in the 3rd, 266 in the 4th, and 26 in the 5th direction.

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