“Legal tech and Law tech”

“Legal tech and Law tech”

09.04.2021, 09:21

Today, more and more countries are digitizing various spheres of human activity. At the same time, jurisprudence is no exception, and therefore, in legal practice, technologies called Legal tech and Law tech are effectively used.

Legal tech is a direction that combines the fields of jurisprudence and information technology, covering the field of law with digital technologies, aimed at the automated provision of legal services, as well as solving legal issues using digital technologies.

Law tech is various types of online applications and services that allow replacing traditional methods of obtaining legal services with new ones and/or making it easier for users to access legal information.

The main difference between Law tech and Legal tech is that Law tech technologies are designed for the end user of legal services who have the opportunity to receive legal advice or services without appealing to the lawyers, while Legal tech is designed to digitalize and facilitate the work of the lawyers themselves.

Taking into account the above, one session of the II International Legal Forum "Tashkent Law Spring" is devoted to the issues of Law tech and Legal tech. Within the framework of the session, it is planned to discuss such topical issues as:

- actual aspects of Law tech and Legal tech;

- foreign experience in the application of Law tech and Legal tech;

- the advantages of using Law tech and Legal;

- issues of further development of Law tech and Legal tech.

The session will be attended by representatives of reputable foreign organizations with extensive experience in the field of Legal tech and Law tech.

For example, this session will be attended by the President of the Law Society of Singapore - Gregory Vijayendran, Founder of Central Asia Tech Law, CEO
of Ai Mo Innovation Consultants - Ammar Younas, (others are expected to participate).