Media Accreditation


Accreditation rules for national and foreign representatives of mass media for coverage of – II International Legal Forum «Tashkent Law Spring»

1. General rules

         Accreditation of the representatives of mass-media (hereinafter –Media) to participate in the II International Legal Forum «Tashkent Law Spring» (hereinafter – Forum) is held to ensure necessary conditions for professional work on producing and disseminating full and reliable information about Forum.

Accreditation of Media representatives is necessary for work at all events during the Forum.

In the pursuit of professional activity, Media representatives are obliged to respect the rights and legitimate interests of participants and staff of the Forum, and also obey universally accepted rules of ethics.

Right for accreditation have national Media journalists, photojournalists, cameramen, registered in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Mass Media", and also foreign journalists, accredited in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Accreditation procedure

2.1. National mass media

Representatives of the mass media wishing to participate in the promotion of events must fill in an accreditation form.

The request for accreditation application form must be signed by the head of the mass media and confirmed by the media seal.

The application must fill in all fields of the accreditation form. Applications that do not meet the requirements of this paragraph will not be accepted.

Completed accreditation application form, approved by the seal and signed by the head of mass media must be sent to the e-mail address of the Forum Organizer: ; .

2.2. Foreign mass media

Representatives of foreign mass media should provide only a copy of the accreditation certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a photo of the established size (3.5 x 4.5). All documents must be sent to the e-mail address of the Forum Organizer: ;

Accreditation of media representatives begins on March 1 and ends on April 15. The deadline for consideration of applications is up to 7 working days from the date of receipt of the above mentioned documents by the Organizer.

Persons who are not representatives of Media are not eligible for media accreditation.

Organizers of the Forum is eligible to limit the number of accredited journalists, refuse accreditation to a media representative, providing wrong information about him/her, not passed registration in settled terms, violated the rules of work at the event.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse in accreditation of Media representative without explaining the reason.

Media representatives, passed accreditation, receive access-badges from the organizers of the Forum.

Access-badge is personalized; its transfer to third parties during the Forum is prohibited.

Access-badge must be worn in a plain site during the entire time spent on Forum venue.

Registration of accredited journalists and handing-over access-badges will be conducted at “Media registration” stand in case of availability of confirmed accreditation in the database of the press service of the Forum and presenting editorial certificate or editorial assignment.

In case of loss of access-badge, Media representative must immediately report about loss to the organizers staff of Forum. Whereupon lost access-badge will be blocked. Based on written application of Media representative will be issued duplicate.

3. Rights and obligations of mass media representatives

Accredited Media representative has the right to:

- attend discussion and business events;

- receive information about the program of events;

- take video or photo on the venue of the Forum;

- use all services meant for the work of journalists;

- if there is a press center, work in it during the Forum, using its technical facilities;

- participate in press-conferences, briefings and other press-events.

Accredited journalist must:

- wear access-badge during all time of work at the Forum;

- In the pursuit of professional activity Media representatives must present editorial certificate or other document, identifying person and journalist powers;

- not to intervene into the course of the event, if it is not organized specially for the press;

- ensure the accuracy of information;

- obey the rules, defined for the event, not carry out photo/video-shoot at the request of representatives of the security services of the event;

- when using official information, quoting the statements of the participants of the events, materials must contain the name of the event and the source of the information received.


4. Closing rules

Accreditation does not imply attendance at events requiring special invitations.

In some cases special accreditation may be applied, announcement of which will be published on the official website of the Forum in the section "Media".

For additional information contact the press center of the Forum Organizer by phone numbers: (+99871) 207-04-54

Download the form.