Trip to Khiva and Nukus

A rich cultural program to the most interesting cities of Uzbekistan, in particular to Khiva and Nukus, is prepared by the organizer of the International Legal Forum "Tashkent Law Spring".

For an additional fee of only $ 300, the Forum participants can visit the cities of  Khiva and Nukus and get acquainted with the unique historical and cultural sites that are included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

The tour package includes the cost of air tickets from Tashkent to Urgench and back from Nukus to Tashkent, transfer for the whole period of trip in Urgench, Khiva and Nukus , hotel accommodation for one night, including breakfast, two lunches, one with a concert program of the Khiva folklore ensemble, sightseeing, including transportation.

The direction of Khiva-Nukus also includes an excursion to the city of Muynak, where the "Cemetery of ships" - the personification of the tragedy of the Aral sea, is located, to the Museum named after I. V. Savitsky, located in the city of  Nukus and known in the world as "Louvre in the desert".

Taking into account the beginning of the tourist season, the Forum participant can choose only one of the five presented directions (Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva-Nukus, Ferghana or Tashkent).


International legal forum «Tashkent Law Spring»

«Khiva, Nukus»

April 27


- Departure to Urgench

0855 – 0930

- Arrival to Urgench


- Departure to Khiva


1000 – 1200

- Visiting the sights in Khiva

(complex “Ichan Kala”, the Madrasa and  Tower named after Muhammad Aminkhon, “Polvon Qori” Complex, Dungeon, “Kuhna Arq” Palace (History of Ancient Khorezm), the Madrasa of Muhammad   Rakhimkhon II (Khiva Khanate Historical Museum), Sayyid Allavuddin Memorial, Madrasa “Qozi Kalon” (Music Museum), Madrasa Shergozikhon (Historical Museum), Tower and Madrasa of Sayyid Islom Khudja (Applied Arts Museum)  

1200 – 1300

- Lunch accompanied by a concert program of the Khiva Folklore Ensemble


1300 – 1600

- Continuation of the tour

(the complex “Ichan Kala” Madrasa Arabkhon, the Madrasa Mukhammad Amin Inoq (Independence Museum), Madrasa Uch Avliyo, the Stone Yard, the Madrasa Ollakulikhon, Madrasa  Abdullakhon (Nature Museum)

1620 – 1730

- Tour to the complex “Nurullaboy”

1800 – 1930

- Dinner


- Departure to Nukus


- Arrival to hotel in Nukus

April 28

0600 – 07 00

- Breakfast


- Tour to Muynak region

(Local history museum of Muynak and Aral Sea, cemetery of ships, Aral Sea cliff

1000 – 1030

- Coffee-break

1030 –1200

- Continuation of the Tour to Muynak region

(Local history museum of Muynak and Aral Sea, cemetery of ships, Aral Sea cliff)


- Departure to Nukus

1400 – 1500

- Lunch

1500 – 1700

- Tour to the Museum named after I.V.Savitsky in Nukus

1700 – 1900

- Dinner


- Departure to Tashkent