Public offer


1. Following terms are used in present Offer:

Forum – II International Legal Forum «TASHKENT LAW SPRING», which will be held on April 22-23, 2021 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), including its sessions, workshops, presentations and other events.

Organizer – the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Participant – an individual or representatives of legal entity who has registered as a participant of the Forum on the official website of the Forum;

Agreement – the Agreement set forth below and governs the terms of the public performances of the Participants on the Forum;

Content – a substantial part of the participant's speech at the Forum or scientific, educational, methodical or any other material in any format used by the participant on the Forum.

2. Forum events will be organized in the format of video conferencing.

3Present Offer is official offer of the Organizer of the Forum to all persons interested to participation in the Forum.

4 Accept of the Offer carried out in the section “Registration” on the website of the Forum.


5Participation in the Forum is fee-based.

Confirmation of participation is the receipt of payment for participation to the organizer's Bank account.

6The participant has the right to refuse to participate.

Upon receipt of a cancellation before April 15, 2021, money will be refunded at 80%.

Upon receipt of a cancellation after April 15, 2021, money will not be refunded.

7. The Participant transfers to the organizer of the Forum the non-exclusive right to use his/her Content and to produce audio/video and other types of materials on a free of charge basis with the use of Content.

8The Forum organizer hereby agrees and acknowledges that the exclusive right to the Content belongs in full to the Participant.

9The participant hereby agrees that his/her Content, as well as name, patronymic surname, position, academic degree can be published on the website of the Forum and the collection of materials of the Forum.

10The participant hereby agrees and acknowledges that the exclusive right to audio/video recordings, collections and other materials of the Forum, created with use of Participant's Content, in full belongs to the Organizer of the forum from the moment of its creation.

11. The participant does not retain any rights with respect to the Forum materials, including the right to own or use it, including for its own needs, or through any third party, or to assign, transfer, alienate, license or otherwise encumber.

12. The Forum organizer has the right to transfer any rights to use the Forum materials to third parties without the Participant's consent.

13. The Organizer of the Forum also has the right to post, and the Participant agrees for posting images of the Participant on the Internet and materials of the Forum. The format and method of specifying/placing the information specified in this paragraph shall be determined by the Organizer of the Forum independently without the consent of the Participant.

14By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, the Participant represents and warrants:

the accuracy of the information provided when registering in the Forum;

voluntary conclusion of this Agreement, including familiarization with all terms of the Offer, their understanding and full and unconditional consent with them.

15. All disputes arising from the present Agreement or related with it are to be settled through negotiations. In case when a dispute was not settled it will be referred to the court commissioner in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.