Business Programme

II International Legal Forum “Tashkent Law Spring”

"LAW 4.0"

PLENARY SESSION                    April 22, 2021  


        Law 4.0. (The Vision of Law in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution)


DISCUSSION SESSIONS              April 22-23, 2021

1.  Implementation of a unified state legal policy: current challenges and future trends

2.  Legal Tech and Law Tech: Trends and Prospects

3.  Regulatory Impact Assessment and Anti-Corruption Expertise

4.  Digital opportunities for ensuring the openness of public authorities

5.  Mediation and Arbitration in the Time of Coronavirus Restrictions

6.  Features of the system of common (English) law

7.  Protection of intellectual property: modern challenges, ways to overcome them

8.  Policy implementation

9.  Ensuring the independence, fairness and impartiality of the court in the digital age



10.  Best Practice in Public Services

11.  Legal information: current challenges and future trends

12.  Prospects for the development of the advocacy (legal professional service) in the context of reforms of the judicial and legal system

13.  Electronic notary - a look into the future

14. Further actions taken by Uzbekistan for the development of civil society


15. Control of data and information management